Kicking and Screaming

Kicking and screaming he takes a while to calm.
He struggles for a while to trust in his mom.
I hold him close, wishing he'd just understand,
that he's always safe in his mother's hand.
And this sight seems all to familiar to me now.
Likewise, my heavenly Father's comfort I don't allow.
I realize now my child and I's struggle's the same
and now I'm covered in guilt and shame.

But I feel him quickly carry me
and the pain, the burden, the worry, I feel it all flee.
I'm weightless now holding my child,
delighting in him and feeling beguiled.
Thank You for Your abounding grace.
I'll rest in it 'till I see You face to face.
Then in Your arms I'll forever be,
thankful you saved a wicked sinner like me.


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