A promise made to me long ago

When I was 16 and I first began my relationship with Jesus I was very much into my artwork. From the very beginning I've always felt really close to God when I created something, wether it be through writing or through art. My art went through a drastic change, from images of handcuffs and of alcohol to images with much more depth behind them, a direct result of my lifestyle change. There is one piece in particular that I remember most, which I have no idea why I created, or where the inspiration came from.

The image is the silhouette of a pregnant young girl laying on her side with her hair down. She is surrounded by the verse in Matthew 11:28 that says "Come to me, all who labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest." The image became no more than a sketch, and as far as I can remember only I have seen it, unlike most of my other work. Today I realize this image was meant to stay between God and I and that it would have been seen much differently then as it would be now.

I now realize he made a promise to me then which I was too young in my faith to understand, but he constantly points me back to that promise today saying, "What I promised you then, I promise you now. I was there with you then and I'm here with you now. I will provide, I will protect. Trust in me." God knew the plans He had for me. He knew motherhood at a young age is what He had in store for me, and He told me then and He reminds me today that it is not easy, but I am not doing it alone.

Thank you God for your constant reminders. Thank you for the fact that even though I doubt you and lack trust in you at times you continually bless me and provide for me. Help my unbelief.


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