Diaper time!

I am SO excited about what came to my door tonight. As I waited (ALL DAY) for the UPS truck to arrive I felt as if I was waiting for Santa to arrive. I got my box of goodies and wanted to jump up and down. What was in my boxes?! Diapers, LOTS and LOTS of gdiapers.

Gdiapers area the cloth diapers our family chose to use for our little one. Cloth diapers are something I've found those around me to know very little about. And I can't say I blame them. Up until a year ago I had never heard of such a thing. Family, friends, let me explain to you just what I will be doing to diaper baby Ezra. This is the cute little diaper Ezra will start with.

Photo taken from Gdiaper's website
Welcome to the 21st century of cloth diapering, were you expecting a piece of cloth and pins?

The best part about these little Gpants? We got a crazy good deal on these diapers. I was able to buy the bundle when it was 30% off which was a total of $105 before tax. This included 12 newborn Gpants, 6 small Gpants, and 80 disposable inserts (which I plan on using only when out of the house for a long time). So when I did the math I was pleased to find out that each diaper cost us roughly $6. Gdiapers usually range in price from $10-20, so the saving are HUGE. The average cost of diapering a child is $1,000 a year; Our estimated cost of diapering Ezra for the first year will be about $150, and most of it was a gift from a relative, THANK YOU! We took advantage of this sale and got some mediums too, so it'll be a while before we have to worry about diapers. That sort of savings makes this young mama smile because we can focus more on baby and worry less about money! I plan on blogging my whole experience with Gdiapers, and encourage y'all to ask questions. Thanks for your love and support!


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